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Creativity Develops with Flare & Initiative.

Whether you’re part of a collaborative, in a band, an artist or even a musician, it’s impossible to deny that creativity does not happen in a vacuum.

Creativity takes your environmental influences, preferences, tastes and experiences and combines them to birth new and interesting music and art. This creativity then becomes someone else’s influence… and so the cycle of creativity continues.

The inspiration behind ANONA is that creativity compounds; that it builds upon itself in a way that non-artists along with artists spark endless flair within each other.

Art inspires music. Music inspires art. Inspiration does not strike in a…

Music Collaboration Will Change The Game For Artists Who Want To Create And Release Music

In a recent Joe Rogan interview, Kanye West vented his frustration with record labels, music industry contracts and master ownership, vowing to “free all artists by any means necessary”.

These comments bely an uneasy relationship between Artists and Record Labels. Long before an artist is adored and adorned on bedroom walls, Record Labels will flatter promising talent with a fancy upfront fee and support, claiming they will make them rich, famous and powerful by putting time, money and expert resources behind them. …


The ANONA Movement is an online Music & Art Collaborative where Artists & Non-Artists work together to create and market Music & Art.

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